Hormone Consciousness: How Hormones are our Witchy Superpowers

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Hormones were often talked and thought about as that annoying, pesky little thing that women were during their periods. “Oh, she’s hormonal” (like it’s a bad thing...)

We are now embarking on a new ERA of Hormone Consciousness, where revelations in science and life mastery has made us aware of how we manifest our life chemistry (specifically, how we can learn to HACK our hormones to work for us, not against us).

Hormones are our witchy powers (not our enemy); hormones are ENERGY IN MOTION - basically, our wifi system that creates our VIBE : Vibration.

Hormones are the chemical fairy god mothers of our body; the endocrine system (hormone system) consists of glands that emit and transmit certain chemical signals to certain cell receptors to manifest a physiological reaction ( the hormones are the WIFI, where our nerves and cells are the DIAL-UP)

The body doesn’t know what to do unless it gets the signal from the endocrine system; the hormone receptors and transmitter glands include our pancreas, adrenals, thyroid, and sex ovaries.

These Glands function INTERDEPENDENTLY and rely on a delicate balance of communication: a symphony if you will.


The PINEAL GLAND and HYPOTHALAMUS glands of the endocrine system gather information from the moons phase, season, and time of day ( circadian rhythm) to keep the endocrine system functioning rhythmically & effectively.

That’s why, I believe attuning the body back to the rhythm of nature ( moons phases, seasons, and daily rhythm) is the most immersive way to achieve higher health & harmonize the hormones.

ALIGN WITH NATURE HARMONIZE THE SYMPHONY OF HORMONES & Feel like the eternal witchy goddess you are .

Here are the THREE hormones you can learn to use for your POWER

1) Insulin

The hormone that makes sure our cells get fed what they need to thrive - through nutrition and energy strategies we can learn to help our insulin uptake and utilization within the cells WE CHOOSE to grow.

Through holistic health & nutritional medicine, we can strategize and choose which cells we send the nutrients to : fat vs muscle.

COLD SHOWERS are another amazing way to proliferate fat cells and improve insulin sensitivity.

Increasing Insulin sensitivity also increases glucose utilization and thus, efficacy of insulin.

2) Progesterone

This hormone is not just for baby making - this love making hormone is produced in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle - this hormone can be low, or imbalanced with high estrogen.

When estrogen is high many symptoms occur like headaches, irritability, PMS or early menopause,

Having adequate levels of progesterone increases our feel good neurotransmitters to help balance our MOOD and is an antidepressant helps with THYROID function, libido, and protects again endometrial cancer

3) Cortisol

Cortisol increases with stress and worry .

One of the best way to increase hormone efficacy, & specifically increase progesterone ( your love making hormone), is to eliminate stress and worry through self care and feel good meditation.

“cortisol consciousness” is a trend that I advocate for - this wellness method promotes away from intense workouts - and into a more cortisol, hormone conscious approach where we control our fight or flight response, blood sugar, and heart rate to keep hormones moderated.

Often, women have the approach totally backwards - they cut calories and workout like a maniac only to experience insulin resistance and lowered progesterone and adrenal fatigue and further exasperating thyroid issues....and they DON”T KNOW WHY THEY CAN”T FEEL GOOD.

4) Nutritional Excellence

The Pituitary gland (the queen bee of our hormone system ( energy in motion) requires B Vitamins, Folic Acid, Niacin, Zinc Vitamin E, & Fats.

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