Moon Manifesting & Affirmations: Why manifesting isn’t working for you

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Our subconscious is the mastermind of our reality…whatever script we have playing in our subconscious (thoughts, beliefs, and feelings (our “manifesto)) is exactly what’s going to manifest into our lives. If we have a toxic narrative, that toxicity will reflect EVERYWHERE.

In order to download a new manifesto, we use tricky neuro-tools to bypass the subconscious.

Affirmations are one of the most accessible and effective tools for effecting subconscious cognitive change - neuroscientists have used affirmations since the 70’s to rewire the mind and effect future outcomes.

When we use affirmations, repeating the same thing again and again, we can bypass the subconscious and design the reality we wish to create.

I have created an affirmation e-book that flows with each of the moons phases to aid in the  manifestation process.

At each moon phase, our hormone structure manifests a certain chemical outcome; use these affirmations to tap into that outcome and into alignment with your intentions.

These affirmations will help you to stay grounded, balanced, & create abundance with ease by staying on track with moon aligned manifestation.