Emotion, Mind, & Body Detoxification

BIO-HACK your “filtering system” for a mind, body, energy awakening

This is for you if:

Your body,mind, & life is craving a total RESET

You are ready to feel your best & embody the highest health possible

You are ready to stop feeling tired, bloated, irritable, & uninspired

and start feeling creative, motivated, & inspired.


As you do that, you are ready to access your true potential.

I know, you have probably tried every detox and diet out there, but nothing sticks…you keep ending back with the same 10-20 pounds to lose or the same toxic inner dialogue that you just cant get rid of.

I don’t know how much, but it feels like you aren’t in control of your thoughts and reactions anymore…your “emotions” and anxiety get the best of you…

I promise, you AREN’T CRAZY!!!

You aren’t crazy…your endocrine (hormone) system has failed to communicate harmoniously.

& you NEED to nourish your “filtering system” ( liver, kidneys, intestines)…


I am SO ready to learn how to nourish my system with your Detox Plan!


Each of our bodies has a detoxification system that includes:
the liver, urinary organs, & colon.

This system works hard detoxifying for us all day.

When this filtering system becomes overloaded, and we don’t
offer our bodies the support they need to “win the battle
of the pathogens”, we can begin to experience
an array of symptoms along with liver

The liver is the mediator for our hormones.

Thus, if our liver becomes overloaded and is not functioning
as it should, our hormones become irregular causing mood
swings, weight-gain, bloating, skin infections, PMS, & more.



We are exposed to an influx of heavy metals, pesticides, hormone altering chemicals, environmental, and emotional (energy) pollution each day.

Babies are born with neurologically altering chemicals imprinted into their DNA; A study found that newborns blood samples contained nearly 300 different pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals.

Avoiding exposure to pollutants is nearly impossible…we can’t live “in a bubble”, but we can employ regular therapeutic detox to support our “filtering system” and keep us healthy.

Small & easy to follow steps, like the EMBODY detox strategy, can help us re-claim our mind, body, & energy.

Heavy Metals.png

Heavy Metal overload has been related to many neurological disorders like Alzheimers and dementia.

Heavy metals are found in many substances including our drinking water, juice, packaged foods, and self-care items.

The symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include:

  • Fatigue

  • Women's Reproductive Problems

  • Tremors

  • Numbness

  • Headaches

  • Angry Outbursts

  • Memory

Yeast Candida.png

An overgrowth of yeast can be caused from an excess intake of refined and high sugar food, medicines, antibiotics, alcohol, and stress.

Symptoms of Candida overgrowth include:

  • Mood Swings

  • Irritability

  • Auto-immune skin eruptions

  • Allergies

  • Frequent yeast, bladder, and sinus infections

  • PMS

Hormone disrupting chemicals.png

Excess toxins that disrupt our hormones, like roundup, cause a deficit in viability of the hormone glands & block the neurotransmitters that allow us to experience happy and peaceful emotions.

Symptoms of EDC overload:

  • adrenal fatigue

  • thyroid issues

  • Blood sugar

  • Thinning hair

  • Mood swings

  • Irritability

  • Tiredness after meals

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Coldness in the body , hands, feet

eliminate these symptoms.png

Release excess toxins

Reestablish harmonious flow of hormones & neurotransmitters

3. Restructure the cognitive perspective

The superpower of the goddess is our period! _(immersive, effective, FUN, and MAGICAL!)_ You can re-claim your reality! I know… You feel stuck on repeat. No matt.png

I can remember feeling daunted by the “chemical soup” I was feeding my body; the key to not feeling
overwhelmed is to remember that EVERYTHING is chemical.

And as everything is chemical, it is within your POWER to harness your chemical reaction back into your favour!

EMBODY is a magical holistic transformation tool you can use again and again to harness your chemistry.

This is not your average detox program…

This is a mind, body, energy revival strategy that will transform your life.


I don’t know how many diets you’ve tried, or how much you’ve struggled with your emotions, but I know the reason why all the other programs haven’t worked for you…

They haven’t addressed the self-image installed in your subconscious mind.

With this program (in addition to receiving a therapeutic nutrition plan) you will learn techniques to re-frame your self-image (cognitive perspective) and DELETE any emotion that has become toxic for you.

Here’s the breakdown of how we will bio-hack your body mind energy back to life.

Mind Body Emotion Alignment & Restructure the Cognitive Perspective

Often with the need to detox, comes irritability.

During this class participants will learn cognitive restructuring modalities to let go of toxic emotions.

Excess toxins can cause a deficit in viability of the hormone glands & neurotransmitters that allow us to experience happy & peaceful emotions.


The two cognitive re-framing tools
you will learn are:

Emotional Freedom Technique.png

EFT is based on Energy psychology.

Energy psychology carries immense power in transformative outcomes.

For this class, we will focus on EFT Techniques help to stimulate the unconscious mind to let go of toxic beliefs & emotions.

Over 50 trials have lead to the same conclusion that eft has immense therapeutic benefit for cognitive restructuring.

Therapeutic Meditation.png

A guided meditation for cognitive restructuring.

This will allow the participants to let go of emotions that hold them back while effecting therapeutic cognitive change.

Designed to delete the neural circuitry of the emotion of anger and replace with compassion.

We will create beliefs around the physical detoxifying process that will make the entire process very easy for participants.


Let’s bio-hack your body & mind’s energy back to life, together.


Therapeutic Detox “diet”


Participants receive a carefully designed nutritional medicine plan that will:

Eliminate buildup from the colon

  • Cleanse & reset the liver

  • Clear unhealthy microbes from the intestines (gut)


This holistic detoxification plan is yours to keep and use again and again.


A 60 minute E.M.B.O.D.Y. Detox Workshop [$180 value]

Therapeutic Nutritional Plan (Meal Plan) [$120 value]

Herbal Strategy Plan + Vitamin & Mineral Recommendations - [$50 value]

+ Self Care Workbook - [$30 value]

All of the above is valued at: $380 - You are getting it ALL for $44!


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I can’t wait to see you in there for your mind, body, energy revival.