The Vibrancy Project’s

Signature System

If you’ve landed here, I am willing to bet you are SO READY for a change

Not just a little change either, I mean, you have tried EVERYTHING to create the life you desire, but you feel stuck.

It doesn’t matter what you do, you seem to always land back to square one

Your habits, thoughts, and beliefs don’t change

You are ready to make peace with yourself & re-connect with your feminine flow

You are ready to reclaim your life, step out of pain & suffering, to manifest the life of your dreams - the life you are made for.

That’s what I wanted, too

I wanted to find a different way…

I knew that I shouldn't feel like I ALWAYS needed to be on a diet.

I knew working out and exercise shouldn’t be painful, but pleasurable

And as I knew it should be these things, I realized my reality wasn’t. I sought to learn how to create that.

And so I did…

The CRAFT of transformation.

Transformation is a tricky CRAFT and I've got just the formula for you!

By working with me 1 : 1 in my signature program we will discover the parts of you that you most desire to transform.

We will deep dive into your mind, body, energy transformation using immersive and therapeutic nutrition, exercise, and neuro-science tools.

We will work together to discover, design, & align with the person you truly, deeply desire to be.


Why will this work yet nothing has nothing else worked for you?

It’s explained by neuroscience…

It’s why that you can’t seem to BE who you KNOW you ARE and DESIRE to be, and why you may be stuck in a loop of self-sabotage and inner conflict, your self-image.

Your self-image is your subconscious reality. The subconscious is the installed map of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings: the mastermind of your reality.

We assume we are in control, but in reality, it is the deep beliefs, thoughts, and feelings stored in the unconscious from childhood that create the way our life is now.

Unless we go back, clear, and re-design our subconscious, we will continue to battle ourselves internally…continuing to act without thinking and regretting those actions: SELF-SABOTAGE

There is maybe nothing worse than knowing you CAN be something, but your body and mind is doing a different thing.

You want to make changes, but you feel you don’t control your actions.

Addictions and harmful habits are associations of the subconscious.

While immersing with me, we will delete sabotaging emotions, thoughts, and beliefs while installing new associations (aligned to your dream reality).

We will do this through strategic visualization, personalized emotional freedom techniques ( EFT), & self-hypnosis.

As you reclaim you subconscious, you can design and manifest the life you TRULY desire to live - your highest vibe; body, mind, and energy alignment.

Holistic & Integrative Health.png

The human life is an interdependent triune experience: mind, body, energy (vibe).

I believe all systems function together in harmony and an imbalance can wreak havoc.

Modern medicine treats symptoms, while integrative health finds the roots of the problem and solves it there.

While we work to master the mind, we will simultaneously address the body and energy through nutritional medicine and online, home guided workouts ( I call them “practices”).


Through nutritional medicine, we will command the body to function at its prime (its highest vibe).

When our bodies function at their highest vibe, we are able to feel amazing every day without trying very hard at all.

We will reclaim food as medicine.

Integrative Nutrition has 4 therapeutic goals (using varying vitamin, mineral, macronutrient, and herbal strategies):

  1. Nourish & replenish the digestive system

  2. Balance the neurological system

  3. Harmonize the flow of hormones

  4. Detoxify & cleanse the lymphatic, blood, liver, and kidneys

It could be argued that one aspect of diet culture has manifested an outcome of viewing food as the enemy. We are always stressed over food, eating, not eating, what to eat…but our bodies are clever. Our body knows what it needs and how to get to its set point.

I will help you teach your body how to get back to that “set point”.

Nutritional Medicine.png
light blue.png
Practice - Exercise Science.png

The Vibrancy Project workouts are practices.

I call them that because the word “workout”, to me, sounds just like that, “work.”

I wanted to create a way that I could move my body and have it feel like bliss, not torture, so I created an exercise program that flowed with my moon cycle (my period).

Practice is designed into a four phase Menstrual cycle PERIODIZATION training method, that serves each of the KEY assets of physical health each month into four main components that flow with the moon cycle.

  • Cardiovascular Endurance

  • Musculoskeletal Strength & Flexibility

  • Agility & Rhythm

  • Active Rest (creating open space within the body)

You will have one guided practice per moon phase to repeat either 1-4 times during that phase.

The magical thing here is that some months, you could get away with only FOUR practices and STILL make a massive physical transformation.

The key is that we don’t work hard, we work very, very smart (and we have a little magic in our back pockets to move things along swimmingly)

The practices themselves are a combination of my experience and expertise in exercise science, pilates, yoga, modern dance & ballet technique.

Don’t let the “ballet” and “modern dance” terminology scare you - I craft the practices so that literally everyone and anyone can easily and successfully do them from home.

My promise to you is that these practices will be extremely therapeutic, effective,& blissful.


My qualifications

It took me over 10 years to master the craft of transformative holistic health & wellness and I will always be a student of the universe (the ways of the universe are truly INFINITE).

I know there is no perfect formula for everyone, but I have created a masterful wellness “potion” from professional experience and my own transformation..

I have always loved the body and movement.

I am passionate about dance and studied modern, contemporary dance technique & ballet for many years.

When I didn’t pursue a career in dance, I moved on to express love of movement through fitness.

I studied the human body, kinesiology, exercise science and became a certified personal trainer, published fitness model & writer.

I knew the “ins and outs” of exercise and fitness, but before I crafted the vibrancy project, I truly cannot remember a time that I was truly happy, connected to myself, and living my truth.

After becoming a mum, I desired to study deeper into holistic and integrative medicine, nutritional medicine, and neuro-science.

I went back to school and became a registered health, wellness & nutrition counsellor.

I mastered the craft of designing the subconscious through meditation,visualization, EFT, and self-hypnosis.

By aligning nutrition and exercise with my feminine flow I stepped into my power: I embodied my highest vibe.

and I KNOW you will, too…


If you are open to learn and ready for a drastic change…

If you are ready to totally transform your body, mind, and life…

If you've been ready for this for so long you just needed the right tools…

well I've got them babe!


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